Incident Command Vision (ICV) is a wireless helmet camera system designed for live streaming from any location.

How does it work? Our ICV system connects to the LTE network for the best connectivity. Images are then sent to our live streaming platform powered by CrowdOptic.  Incident operations can now viewed by the IC while they are unfolding which will now match radio communications. No longer, will the IC have to use their imagination to paint a picture to match radio communications. While there is no substitute for experience, ICV allows the IC to make better decisions by actually viewing conditions such as fire behavior or how many patients are injured. Law enforcement will be able to view tactical operations for specialized units such as SWAT or the Bomb Squad. Command Officers of any agency want to gather situational awareness as quickly as possible. ICV will give you the immediate situational awareness as if the IC is on the roof, interior or engaged with a suspect directly. 


ICV has several features: 

  • Location tracking of the wearer
  • Infrared
  • Thermal imaging 
  • Temperature readings
  • Two-way communication 

ICV's live streaming platform powered by CrowdOptic, allows viewing of operations from anywhere in the world and from any device when given access to the secure server. Command personal from all levels of any agency can see the incident whether they are on scene, on-call, or at the office in an important meeting. ICV is a tool to change the future. 

Live Streaming Products

 Command Vision 

The images and streams produced by ICV will create the ultimate training tool. Agencies will have the ability to capture tactical operations and instantly set training standards of the correct and incorrect tactical methods. The ability to review an incident and match images with radio communications will increase overall safety,  Flashover conditions, roof collapses, smoke conditions and other signs of deterioration can be identified and shown and images can be archived into world class training videos with images being captured from multiple views of the incident. 


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