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Solford is now testing Command VIsion with out partners at the Rockland County Training Center in New York. 

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The Future of Incident Command 

Safety at the scene of an incident is the most important responsibility of an incident commander.  

Solford Industries is a provider of incident command products to enhance the safety of first responders. 

Tracking personnel at the scene of an incident is not only essential to ensure personnel safety, its mandated by the National Fire Protection Association. (NFPA)  The incident commander is responsible for all operations of the incident but also the safety and welfare of the personnel.  It's time for an intelligent tool that first responders will use to track personnel with a high level of efficiency and commanders can view incident operations as never before. Solford's products will provide commanders with situational awareness and the ability to make deployment decisions based on visual information. Incident operations can now be viewed remotely from the command post, communication center or the Fire Chief's office.